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Guild Wars 2 – The Hot Republic

Adventures for the End Game player in the World of Tyria

Hard Wood Logs Farm

Hello everyone! I'm working on Tree's Wintersday present, and noticed that Hard Wood Logs appear to be at an all-time high in value. I checked for the nodes, and discovered that no one has bothered. This probably contributes to the price... I took it upon...

Hot in HoT

Over three years in, and I've only missed a few days back in 2013, when I suffered through a 3 day trip to Cuba. I think that right now, on October 28th, 2015, we are seeing what I think counts as maybe the third time since launch that the Guild Wars 2 servers have...

The Jade Maw

Fractals are the one part of Guild Wars 2 PvE that I stayed away from, after some bad experiences early on in the game with some pick up groups. Now, I know a number of awesome people who are also awesome players. My real inspiration to start playing them was the...

Plinx Chain 2014

This short chain of events in Cursed Shore is one of the original farm paths in Guild Wars 2. Plinx is the first chain to have received ArenaNET's time delay nerf, where the event given a cool-down so that it can't be farmed repeatedly. Plinx's delay is approximately...

Dredgehaunt Jumping Puzzle Shortcut

I love exploring with the Experimental Teleportation Gun and the Experimental Rifle, and I love helping people who feel that they are limited in their jumping puzzle skills. Using the former, I found this great shortcut to the chest at the end of the Dredgehaunt...

Mini Money!

Do you have minis in your bank that you bought for an investment, or just forgot to sell? It's time to thank ArenaNET for changing the way minis work! The new September 9th patch introduces the "Mini sink," or as they call it, the Mini page in the wardrobe system....

Getting Serious as a Guild

Hi everyone! After three years of Guild Wars 1 and two of Guild Wars 2, I am going to make The Hot Republic [THR] into a truly public guild. Since we are getting Megaserver Guilds on September 9th, all the influence and upgrades I build in Crystal Desert will be...

Kill the Karka Queen

We arrived at Southsun Island, after Tequatl, only to find her already dead. Fortunately, one of our members ended up in an overflow with the great Karka Queen waiting patiently at Camp Karka. So, we all taxi'd in and took her out!

Evolved Jungle Wurm – Crimson Head

I played a few times, when it first launched, but lost interest in trying to complete the Achievements for the Evolved Jungle Wurm. Last week, I noticed that I only had two achievements left to get, and that Corin Fellswick [TTS] is now helping organize the Evolved...

Straits of Devastation Map Completion

Aries completes the final of the three Orr maps in Guild Wars 2. This isn't the entire map run, but a good mix of vistas, poi's and waypoints to fill in the partial work I had completed.

Straits of Devastation Mini Jumping Puzzle

This small but potentially frustrating vista, east of Fort Trinity, in mid-eastern part of the map. I haven't been here in quite a while, but fortunately I remembered the shortcut jump that made it a very quick and harmless challenge!