At last, that chance to get rid of the victory tokens left over after the Canthan New Year! What can you use them for? Old Dragon Festival Masks! Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately when I calculated how many I would need for complete sets), only one classic Mask is allowed per toon. I’ve picked a dyeable one for myself, but there are 5 other fun options to choose from.

To get one:
1. take your tokens to Sun Li in Shing Jea Monestary
2. trade for the mask token
3. give it to Supply Master (I think) Kango.
4. carefully select a mask
5. take it to the festival hat maker
6. Show it!
7. go to pre and visit the festival hat maker across from Saberlin

Time to party like it’s 2012!

..and if you have any tokens left, come on by! I need a few more for the rest of my accounts.

ps: Also, ask PM Stephane Lo Priste on the Guild Wars support form to put token traders into Pre-Searing! We only have two months of this left before it becomes a barren wasteland. 🙁