Hi everyone! I officially lost my mind today.

When selling items on the exchange, I discovered that in addition to the 5% listing fee that was stated below each item’s sell, there is a 10% POST SALE charge, which.. unless I am blind, is NOT listed.

Hopefully, this is not a rat that I smell, but I wrote a longwinded message to Arenanet’s support team, to request that I be directed to where this is stated in the trading house, or that they refund me the copper I was unknowingly charged, as would be done in the real world.

It’s on the wiki now, but it wasn’t on it yesterday when I edited the page to state that the listing fee is non-refundable.

I have submitted a support request, asking for a copper-based refund on the sales commissions up until I noticed it today (September 3rd, 5:25pm PDT) and will keep you all updated on the progress of it.

In the meantime, remember, you’re pay 15% on your sale, not 5%!

ps: and I got a Mini Oakheart!!!!!!