I couldn’t understand how no one at ArenaNet noticed, over the past 3+ days, that the private chat system is frequently disconnecting us!

Then, Lady Lyn of Elfame mentioned that she emailed support and they told her it was her problem.

Obviously, no one at ArenaNet plays the game anymore!

Here’s the letter I wrote to support:

Incident: 120710-000041

Hello and thank you for all your efforts to keep the world of Guild Wars running smoothly!

I spend the weekend in Pre-Searing with the “Friends” window open, watching the system disconnect me from the chat server with increasing frequency.

Saturday evening was the worst.

I watched it happen at the same time on a few computers I have connected on my IP address (all physical machines, no VMs or multiple instances).

In two cases, the disconnect happened just as I was mapping into an area. When I tried to switch district, it permanently greyed out the district box (after selecting 1) until I disconnected and reconnected. What I was seeing in the drop down was only district 1 showing, even though I was in 4 on one occasion (Kamadan) and 2 on the other (Pre-Searing Ascalon).

This has been happening consistently over the past few days to EVERYONE in the towns. Take a look a the logs from our chat and see how many people are saying “USER you’re offline!” That’s what the problem is.

One user just mentioned that your team told her she was the only person reporting the problem, so I am assuming the other players all think that someone else is taking care of it.

But, it’s pervasive… and it might not just be the last update you did. I think that I may have been seeing it happen sporadically last week.

When the disconnects happen, it is still possible to have public conversations in Localchat, trade with users, see all of the activity and move around, but typing an emote or trying to whisper will pop up a window saying to reconnect. The only workaround is to leave the friends window open.

So, there’s as much as I can offer to help you diagnose the REAL PROBLEM that is happening right now. Please don’t be lazy and sweep it under the rug, just because Guild Wars 2 is the priority! It’s really intrusive and sad that it has been this long without anyone on your staff even noticing it. I’m guessing none of you play anymore..?

Thanks in advance and good luck on fixing the issue!

Warmest Regards,

Allisa Wonderland

If you’re reading this and the problem still isn’t fixed, please email support@guildwars.com now!