The Wonderland Family

Aria in Dredgehaunt

I started Guild Wars 1 because a real life friend of mine purchased our “gamer group” each a copy of the game. We were big Neverwinter Nights fans, but were really not interested in its sequel. Guild Wars had no monthly fee (why I never tried World of Warcraft), so it seemed like a good one to try out.

We played together once per week.In the down time, I discovered the Pre-Searing (Tutorial) area community, and how people would sit in one place and flip items to make gold. I also noticed three minis: Mad King’s Guild, Grawl, and Gwen.

Three years of daily trading later, I owned almost everything I could possibly want, in the game (except for the unique Pre-Searing Mad King’s Guard.) Unfortunately, all the time I spent there meant that I only finished the core game, and that didn’t even happen until AFTER Guild Wars 2 was released!

During the BETA weekends of Guild Wars 2, I decided that my goal for the new game would be to master playing it, over getting rich in it.

After 5,400+ hours of play in the first two years of the game, I accomplished that goal, and still managed to accumulate a reasonable amount of wealth!

Origin of The Hot Republic

Allisa Wonderland (in pink)

The guild, which I made shortly after I started playing, was a private place for our small group of five. There was no intention to offer membership to anyone outside of our circle.

When I started trading, I became even more conscious of the brand I was creating. I didn’t want people running around with [THR] on their name tags, acting in a way that was detrimental to my brand. Why was brand important? I did “pre/post” trading, which involved players trusting that if they gave me their loot up front, when they switched to the other world, my other account would be there and would give them the item they were trading for. It was a function that wasn’t possible with the “trade window” system of Guild Wars, so requiring that trust from clients made it very profitable.

Guild Wars 2 came along, and I was going to make The Hot Republic into a “public” guild. Three things happened:

  1. Friends who did join Guild Wars 2 were spread all over different servers, which didn’t work for the original Guild system,
  2. Other friends refused to leave Guild Wars 1, and finally,
  3. The group of real life friends with didn’t continue to play, with family responsibilities taking over.

Today’s Hot Republic


In the ridiculous amount of time I’ve spent playing Guild Wars 2, I have:

  1. completed everything in the PvE world numerous times over,
  2. created numerous Legendary weapons (Eternity, Dreamer, Bifrost are just the ones I kept),
  3. accumulated a reasonably healthy gold supply to buy anything I want,
  4. and learned so many things that helped me along the way.

What more is there to do? Complete the final phase of my Guild Wars life -> build The Hot Republic.

The Hot Republic is a niche Guild. I don’t expect people to represent it outside of the time that we do group events. I don’t have immediate plans to do Guild Missions, WvW, PvP or any of that stuff. That’s what your main guild is for.

The Hot Republic is a Guild where you can,

  1. join in on farming sessions in Cursed Shores and other places, as they come and go,
  2. learn about how to collect the items you need for your Legendary, in an enjoyable way,
  3. find our more about the game, from everything I have learned in the first two years, and
  4. help others to become long term Guild Wars 2 lovers.

The Hot Republic Needs You

The key to the success of [THR] is not me, but you. As much time as I have played the game, I don’t have time to run a whole Guild all by myself. I need commanders, organizers, etc. etc. who love the game like I do and want to be a part of this community of veteran end-game players.

Please enjoy all that The Hot Republic has to offer, and contact me in game with your questions! If you don’t already have my as a friend in game, “Cheri Wonderland” is an easy one to remember 🙂 Add me!