Final run on the Temple of Arah, from Anchorage Waypoint to the dungeon entrance. This is the end of a four hour zerg I hosted in Cursed Shore, today.

Since the most recent patch and difficulties in finding events in Megaserver maps, I usually end up doing successful Arah defense runs (which happen to come with an incredible number of enemy mobs!) so this is a bit out of the ordinary.

The attack itself was unexpected, as I had completed one of the defense phases before this came up. This, in the past, meant no assault on Arah. Another thing different was that during the defense, the Priest didn’t show out – which I’ve never seen before.

I get the feeling that ArenaNET has made more changes to the way temple events operate than they shared with us in the 2014 Feature Patch notes.

Do you know anything I don’t?