Well, it appears that the Wonderland Gold Exchange is turning out to be an exciting endeavour!

So far, M Lady Necrell has lent a hand as the escrow on two occasions. A few times I did small bits at a time, and even a few recently of complete exchanges under 5,000 pre gold!

What I did discover is that I need to upgrade the Pre buying calculator because I am often asked for 10k, for example, which I have to figure out by popping in estimates for the post amount.

So remember the key points:

1. You go first.
2. Buying pre is 2.5:1 – Selling pre is 2:1
3. The larger number is always post gold
4. I take ectos at 2,600 pre gold each
5. My post toon is in Lion’s Arch
6. It’s all about the pink dress!

Bring me your gold!