And the most over won mini of all time award goes to… the 2012 Celestial Dragon mini !!

I burned off about 25 fortunes with nothing useful. So, I went back to the Wiki and read the discussion.

Someone mentioned that the “good fortune” prizes affect the likelihood of a mini dropping.

I went back with 144 more fortunes and went at it. At the same time as I was spamming the fortunes, I’d pick up the fireworks and set the various types off so they were going on constantly. In other words, I was drunk, firing off all the works possible, making cash, bonuses AND increasing my changes of winning a mini.

With 78 left to go, luck finally struck! I stopped for a second, then looked at the remaining fortunes and figured.. what the heck!

As I reached my 5th fortune, I felt like I had wasted something. Then, four was a mini… and two, and one!

So, I ended up getting FOUR mini Celestial Dragons with 165 lunar fortunes.

Happy Canthan New Year!