Happy Friday!

For those of you who have been in Pre-Searing Ascalon over the past few days, you probably noticed that my trade banner is typically something about buying and selling Pre-Searing and Post Gold.

What’s up?

About a week back, someone wanted to buy my Pre-Gold instead of selling me theirs, so we did a deal that was the opposite of my usual kind.

Once it was completed, I considered the possibility of offering a bi-directional gold exchange service.

Yesterday, I ran it all day, and found myself swamped with business.

So, today I set up a brand new Gold trading page, which you can reach through the top menu. In addition to instructions for both pre-post and post-pre exchanges, I have added two calculators to help you with the transaction!

Give it a a try and come on by Pre-Searing Ascalon when you’re ready to trade.

Have a great long weekend!