Of the 1500 events, there are roughly 1% that are frequented by, from my two world completion travels, likely 80-90% of active players at any moment.

It’s ridiculous to see large groups just standing at these events… It used to be a social environment, but now, very few people even have conversations beyond “Meow meow meow where is Shadow Behemoth? Why is he late?” Meanwhile, a couple of well meaning souls, who still care to complete the pre events, make sure the lazy entitled masses get their rares.

This is what we get from guaranteed rare chests at these events and literally meow all at everywhere else.

I am working on my third legendary, at a meager 100g/week, but tonight I went on WvW because, well seeing the [KA] guild event in Iron Marches where there were 10-15 commander tags gave me a good picture of what is happening in PvE.

For me, 32 years of gaming has taught me: no matter what anyone tries, all games are a grind. ArenaNET’s idea of continuously updating content is the best approach I’ve seen. Perhaps what the game needs is to have ALL content by temporary.,.The Claw of Jormag just got killed? Guess what.. He’s DEAD. No repeats of the event.

If ArenaNET can keep up with that type of update schedule, we may have our first truly grind-free game.

As it is, I see the base events in the same light as the storyline. They are a warmup to the living story.

Living story events are a grind? Yes! Do I think that it will always be that way? No! But, it will take time for the teams to ease players into a new way of thinking.

Me, personally, I want to have a high score. I have a lifetime of that built into me..these many achievements are our score. Humankind had evolved because of that competitive desire (not only, but a big part of). If that wasn’t the case, the USA would not be the leading country that it is (I am not American.)

Back to the question…

I don’t feel that ArenaNET WANTS us to grind as much as we, regardless of what our conscious minds contradict, are conditioned in games and real life, to grind.. And it will take time to wean us out of that rut.