Hi everyone!

After three years of Guild Wars 1 and two of Guild Wars 2, I am going to make The Hot Republic [THR] into a truly public guild.

Since we are getting Megaserver Guilds on September 9th, all the influence and upgrades I build in Crystal Desert will be useful again! Additionally, guildies from all of the home servers will be able to contribute to the pot.

So, what’s The Hot Republic about? I am setting the foundation here:

The Hot Republic is about helping Guild Wars 2 players have fun, learn how to play better, and most importantly: earn gold to craft their legendary weapon!

How do we do that?

1. Farming sessions in Cursed Shore and other loot happy zones
2. Tips and tricks on how to maximize your returns when farming
3. Videos and instructions for event chains that give good returns.
4. Suggestions for trading post profits (note this is not for the weak of heart!)

And our core values?

1. No cranky pants allowed!
2. Rep when you run. You probably have a home guild
3. Be mindful of the enjoyment of all players.
4. Show respect for ArenaNET and their team..

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, whisper or message Cheri Wonderland (or any other Wonderland you know me as).

Once you join, I will set you to “Active Subject” and you will be able to invite your friends directly.

Finally, part of the reason I didn’t do this earlier is that I can’t do it all by myself. If you have time to help with organizing events, please step up and we will figure something out.

For Tyria!