Yes, I’m still alive. I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 a great deal, but I am also still creating a lot of content .. except it happens to be that most of it ends up on Twitter, or my new Facebook page.

You can reach any of these through the icons in the top right corner of the website pages. There is an old Allisa Wonderland account that I made, on Facebook, over a year ago, but I don’t remember what email address I used for it! So, to know which is the right one, you want to find the one that has my new Guild Wars 2 toon image on it, not the old pre-pink-dress one. I will figure out how to delete that at some point.

I will also try to figure out how to do all of the cross posting between Twitter and Facebook, and maybe even here. Facebook is so evil, it also so easy to add galleries to.

The Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Cheese Sandwich

The most important correlation I’ve found, to date, is between the gems-to-gold exchange rate and the trading post being online.

When the BLTC is up, the exchange rate goes down. As soon as it goes into maintenance, the rate climbs back up. This makes sense, since people are buying gems to get what they want at the trading post.

I haven’t seen it come anywhere close to the 30 silver per gem rate that the game opened at. If you do want to buy, I recommend buying what you can while the Black Lion Trading Company is in maintenance.

A side effect of this exchange observation is that you can tell when the trading post it open to others, if it isn’t for you, as the rate of decline also follows the amount of usage. See yesterday’s crash when the market “officially” opened?

More to come!