The release of Guild Wars 2 is almost upon us! I have been asked numerous times about what my role will be in the game, so I am taking this opportunity to provide everyone with information on exactly that.

Since there is still an economy, but it is far from the social one that exists in Guild Wars 1, my focus will turn to writing articles about it. For example, I will discuss subjects like trading versus merchanting, the gold/gem exchange rates, popular items and using your own achieved wealth to grow your in-game characters.

For example, the biggest change to the game that I saw over the past few stress tests is this addition of “fraud protection” to the email system.

The change appears to function similarly to the Guild Wars 1 system where a new account cannot trade for the first 24 hours that it is in existence. In Guild Wars 2, though, I don’t know how long that restriction is in place for. Anyone?

What’s my stance on this? I think it makes sense. For me, it does hinder my ability to transfer gold between my own personal accounts to build them all up quickly without having to trade on all of them at the same time. There must be some limit to how long this is in place, otherwise the system might as well not be in the game.

On that note, and not knowing details of how the release system will work, I feel that guild membership is a great way to allow the trading system to be enabled. Someone attempting to do automated gold farming who makes a guild for it will be easy to keep an eye on: If guild membership is required to trade, it may be quite obvious who is doing what when a guild is constantly seeing members coming in and leaving after very short intervals.

Until launch, this is all just speculation. I’ll be sure to keep you updated after the launch!

You’ll be able to find me in the Crystal Desert World, at Divinity’s Reach, located on Dwayna’s Statue.

Why? The statue is an easy and common trip you’ll be taking, from the front entrance, because it is surrounded by a trading outpost, a bank, and all of the various Guild utility NPC’s!

See you there!