Other Resources

The Mega Guild

The Hot Republic is a personal sized guild. When I feel compelled to run with a large group in organized events like Tequatl and Guild Missions, TTS Gamers is my choice. With over 5,500 members, TTS is one of the largest guilds in Tyria.. if not THE largest.

Trading Analysis

GW2Spidy has a custom scraper for the Black Lion Trading Post that has evolved into an awesome way to track the market. It even covers trends on individual items and the time-accuracy has increased since it was first released.

Library of Armor Images

There are two great sites for finding your toons their dream outfits: Guild Wars 2 Armor and now Guild Wars 2 Armor Gallery. I find the latter requires more navigation, but that also comes with what appears to be a larger gallery of images.

Interactive Map of Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 Cartographers takes a great open source tool for mapping and applies it to our favourite world. This is another amazing example of the dedication of tech savvy fans. Use it to find out where all the chests are.

Crafting Material Locations

Looking for a particular crafting materials and don’t want to hunt all over Tyria? MMORPG Life has this Crafting Material Locations page, which is a bit old, but still has lots of a great maps to direct to you exactly the right place to farm what you need!

Promoting Your Materials

The Egg Baron hasn’t updated his blog in almost a year, but his excellent Google Spreadsheet, which shows the profitability of all kinds of material promotions, is still running strong.