Good morning everyone!

Trading has slowed over the summer and I have been taking some time in the evenings to try out PvP for the first time. But, it’s about to get even slower…

The last beta weekend, before the launch of Guild Wars 2, is this weekend!

Since you will have some decisions to make, if this is your first time playing, you will be faced with an important question?

What world do I choose?

My answer: Crystal Desert

This is where I am setting up shop, so if your guild hasn’t selected a world yet, or you are just on your own… this is the place to be for my North American friends!

Next question..

Where are you now?

I plan to settle somewhere near the front entrance to Divinity’s Reach, by a few merchants and traders. I will be posting maps and screenshots to help you find me!

See you there, in two days!