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The Hot Republic is always expanding, and this is your early access to new features.

Please note: DO NOT USE ANY OF THE INFORMATION ON THESE PAGES!! Values may be hard coded, random, incorrect, dated, or generally have nothing to do with what the label says. Only I know when something is or isn’t working as I expect.

But, you get to see what I’m doing…


Chart: Exotic Mini Buy/Sell Profit Margins

2012.12.07 – this page is extremely slow and may not get all of the data for the chart. I am integrating Google Charts, WordPress and currently GW2Spidy’s API to create the ultimate trade recommendation tool.


Trade History Analyzer

2012.12.07 – this is on the idea list right now. I will make a tool that allows someone to extract their complete trade history from the BLTC, cross-reference the buy and sell of items, then graph your trading effectiveness over time. Somewhat lofty goal, but hey!