Today, I was greeted to sunny Ascalon by a childish fool by the name of Olololo Best. He came to me, looking for pre gold. When I informed him that I was not selling, even at a rate higher than my standard 2:1, he explained that he buys black dye for ectos at 3:1. When I replied that they are different items with a different exchange rate, he proceeded to tell me I didn’t know what I was talking about, and that HE was friends with T I T A N!

Well, I’m sorry to hear that a jerk like Olololo Best is using your good name to support his immaturity, T I T A N!

From my observations of the daily exchange market over the past two years, we are seeing increasing instability as the Guild Wars 2 launch grows near:

1. Ectos are commonly selling at 1:1 for zKeys. Why? Players are eager to get titles, and zKeys are one of the few buyable titles available. You can get Obsidian Armor and Chaos gloves from ectos, but if you’re not going to be playing the game after GW2 goes live, who cares what your toon looks like?

2. The buyer to seller ratio for PRE gold is heavily weighted to the buy side. One again, I see this as a last minute rush to get the four maximum titles of pre (forget about max Survivor).

3. Buyers are supporting higher black dye prices. This is the most ominous rise, in my view. If pre gold is going up AND black dye is as well, that means black dye’s value is increasing even more rapidly versus ectos. Also, keep in mind that this is happening at a time when there has been an obvious increase in the drop rate of all items.

Conclusion? It’s the last minute Christmas rush to get titles. I believe that this will intensify as we reach the launch date.

What happens after is anyone’s guess.

Well, I have my thoughts on that matter, but that will wait until another post!