I have an update on my ArenaNET support ticket for the selling tax, my Miniature collection and reconnecting with a special friend of The Hot Republic!

The Support Ticket

After a few attempts to dismiss my request for a personal response on my claim for a return of the 10% sales tax I (and all other sellers) was charged previous to learning about it, a fine fellow named Mitch finally responded. It was a well written message, summarized as “thanks, I appreciate all the support you’ve given to Guild Wars, but we are technically unable to do this.”

Now, I know, as a developer, that this not likely to be true – especially since they “seconds ago” and “6 days ago,” for example, beside each item in a trade history. That said, I DO understand that if they were to go back, calculate and refund me, they could possibly be opening the floodgates to a huge stream of requests that might unwind the whole system. There are other ways, but.. you know, I had some good fortunes in my early item buys off the trading post, so I will take it for what it is. I sent a reply expressing my thanks for the great efforts that he had gone to (and the rest of their team) to keep the new game going.

Once again, thanks to Mitch and the rest of the ArenaNET team!

My Miniature Collection

I woke up this morning to find the last of my needs.. a Mini Krait Witch, waiting at the trading post for me to pick up! So, I am officially a Master Mini Collector with 54 of 54 and the associated title to boot:

A Special Guest

A couple of days ago, I looked over at my chat window and saw a whisper from Mino! He and his pal, Playz, are now heavily into Guild Wars 2. They did not make it into Crystal Desert initially. Fortunately, by following my suggestions on how to make a successful world transfer to this popular server, they were able to get in.

Not only are they members of The Hot Republic now, I bestowed upon Mino, in honour of his excellent Guild Leadership in Guild Wars 1, the rank of General.

So, if you’re not in the game yet, now is the time! I’m mostly using Kayta Wonderland now (not on my Allisa account, gasp!), so please send a Mail to me at that name for your invite.

Keep well and see you in the new Tyria!