Do you have minis in your bank that you bought for an investment, or just forgot to sell?

Complete Guild Wars 2 Miniature Collection (as of 2012/11/15)

Complete Guild Wars 2 Miniature Collection (as of 2012/11/15)

It’s time to thank ArenaNET for changing the way minis work! The new September 9th patch introduces the “Mini sink,” or as they call it, the Mini page in the wardrobe system.

What does this mean?

Less Miniatures on the Market

Since you have to essentially destroy a mini to put it in your wardrobe, this means that there will be less minis in circulation – more value!

Storage Demands

Also with the new system, if you have existing minis, they will be shoved into your regular bank slots! So, you are forced to either have more space, or sell the minis.

What To Do?

Here’s what I’m doing:

1) selling a few doubles to test the market. I missed the big price surge, but I didn’t have items to sell at that point anyhow

2) filling my alts with 18 slot bags to store minis after the 9th

3) waiting for a good time after the patch to dump most of what I have left, before the price starts to stabilize again.

Historically, the prices for any mini in the first 3 sets goes down over time, and I predict that will happen again after the market finds equilibrium.

Good luck!