I brought Legendary Marcel to see Jormag for his first time, today. It was also my Nercromancer’s first time (level 72)! We made it through the troll gauntlet (don’t ask why I went that way), but our timing led us to explore further, while we waited.

Within moments, Marcel had discovered how to board the “board” in the northwestern quarter of the map. There was a good blobby snow shape that we were able to walk around in without too many sticky spots.

Jormag arrived early, but was spared from death by mere hit points. Why? New build! Wow, that was a head shaker. Everyone was so eye bulgingly disappointed in the switch flipping.

After the server start, Sweets of the Year found an amazing map glitch! The three of us surveyed a massive area of mountaintops, surrounding the north eastern quarter of the map.

I have videos as well, which I will organize and upload whenever my brain allows it 😉