It’s easy for us to cry bloody murder each time ArenaNET throws the nerf wrench into our plans, but we often forget that they do make an effort to give us presents in return.

A perfect example is the Straights of Devastation zerg run. It used to be the way to get karma, but after it was essentially killed off, ArenaNET introduced Jugs of Karma.

I don’t think I need to point out how much importance we place on those little jugs!

So, I am a little surprised that players aren’t falling over themselves to take advantage of the latest Living Story update’s bonus: 2,000 Karma Gift Boxes for completing the Nolan event. On your first time through, you get two of these boxes. Each day after (until the next Living Story update, apparently), you can replay the event for one more box. This means that you’re getting another 50% more karma than if you just do dailies!

The Nolan event is activated by talking to Rox at the Command Core (in Black Citadel). Exit the city into Diessa Plateau, then turn to your west and into the town of Nolan.

At the far eastern edge, you’ll find the starting point for the event.

More good news: the event puts everyone at “effective level 80,” so a group of any random collection can sweep in and get their boxes in short order.

..and remember, this may be gone at the end of April 2013!