As the first Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend event is drawing to a close, I have put together a few images from my epic first journey through the expansive map of Guild Wars 2.

I had plenty more with beautiful water vistas, but the new “High Resolution” screenshot option doesn’t always produce the expected results. But, the captures were in the 28 megapixel size range and obviously rendered when the capture is requested. There are standard screenshot and STEREOSCOPIC screenshot options, as well. They come with the GUI still displayed. The 3D shots are incredible, as is the game as a whole. I’ll look for a stereoscopic plugin for WordPress.

Please don’t mind that I am underwear-only in the last few pictures! In Guild Wars 2, your armor degrades as you are hit until eventually you don’t have it anymore… and hence, the nakedness. Only after my adventures today, was I able to get some money together to maintain it!

Visit “Guild Wars 2” in the upper menu to get to the first gallery. I’ll arrange it better for next week!