This short chain of events in Cursed Shore is one of the original farm paths in Guild Wars 2. Plinx is the first chain to have received ArenaNET’s time delay nerf, where the event given a cool-down so that it can’t be farmed repeatedly.

Plinx’s delay is approximately 30 minutes from the death of the Champion Risen Abomination. The cooldown timer will not begin until the champ is killed!

In the original event, the champ would spawn right beside Caer Shadowfain Waypoint, instead of in the field as he did now. The result is that if he was lead outside of the small area of his domain, he would reset, making the event a painful process with less than enough people involved.

The champ was first moved to the field before champ boxes were added, resulting in him being ignored after the first time through the chain. This meant that the Plinx chain was often left dormant until the next server reset. During this time, Plinx became a myth.

Once the champ boxes were added, Plinx started to regain some popularity.

This is a chain where you can still see the original scaling system in place. It’s very easy to overwhelm the mobs, as the zerg grows larger. For example, the defense event, right before the final mob heavy run, it’s hard to get many hits in unless you have a a speed buff and ranged weapon (why I often use my ranger!)

On the plus side, Plinx doesn’t scale up to Champion level and slow down the whole process.

Note: If the Arena Gladiator Champ appears, ignore him. As of 2014-09-14 (post Feature Pack 2), he still doesn’t drop a champion loot box.