How to double your Guild Wars gold

** this page will be updated later on today to reflect trades in both directions **
** use the calculators on the sidebar for now! **

Gold in Pre-Searing Ascalon is worth more than its Post-Searing counterpart. Why? Because one can take gold forward, but not back, along the Guild Wars timeline! The result of this is less gold available in Pre-Searing, so it is more sought after.

What is it worth?

The current exchange rate is: 2 post : 1 pre gold

How do I do it?

1. Go to Allisa Wonderland in Pre-Searing Ascalon City, District 1. (see the map page)

2. Open trade, offer your gold.

3. Confirm with Allisa.

4. Go to Lion’s Arch, District 1

5. Meet another Wonderland, beside the Skills Trader (top of the steps near the chests). She’s likely to be in a pink dress.

6. Open trade, receive your post gold (current rate)

7. Wash, rinse and repeat! Thanks again and bring more anytime!

Why am I safe?

I do not go first, because I am here all the time and you are headed out as a matter of what this trade is about.

Since I stay here, it’s in my best interest to develop a good reputation. In fact, if you spend time in Pre-Searing, I want you as a reference!

If you need references, please let me know in advance so I can track them down.

Still unsure?

The solution is simple: small amounts. If you have 50,000 pre gold, start with 10k, or 1k. I don’t want to do it ALL in 1k increments, but we can work up slowly.

Think about it this way. I love trading – I have web page up for it! What would I gain from pissing people off? I have a good rep in Ascalon City and plan to keep it that way.

See you in District 1!

Allisa Wonderland The Hot Republic
If you are looking to purchase Guild Wars gold with real money, this is NOT the place to do it. We are here for the fun of the game and earn every gold coin through hard online work. Supporting cash gold sales hurts the Guild Wars community and takes away from the spirit of the game.