Pre-Searing FAQ

Last update: 2012-06-27

How much XP do I need to get LDoA?

You must reach level 20, which is achieved at 140,600. See this Guild Wars Wiki entry.

How much XP do I need to get a Survivor Title?

You must achieve 140,600 XP without dying (from any point in your character’s life) to get to level 1 Survivor. To get to the MAXIMUM Survivor title, you need 1,337,000 XP. Doing Vanguard Quests every day, which net you 1,000 XP and let’s say 1,000 XP for monster kills, means you’re looking at almost two years to get the maxed Title in Pre searing. Are you started, yet? Will Guild Wars even be around in 2 years?

update: I’ve done some estimations. Grinding the first Hamnet monsters repeatedly should get you 1000XP in 21 runs per hour. So, that’s 1,337 hours to get to Legendary Survivor. At 4 hours a day, that’s 334 days. Add in weekends off and you have your chance to get the title or go insane… in about 1 year!

How can I gain levels quickly?

Find Rurik. He’s in Ascalon, up on the wall near the area where you can watch the Charr fighting with us. What you want from him is a quest called Charr at the Gate. Once you can get it:

Go outside,
travel to the Northern Wall,
kill the Charr there,
map back to Ascalon,
abandon the quest,
go to Rurik and get it again!
Wash, rinse, repeat.

How can I make money quickly?

  1. Buy white dyes for 2,000 gold each and sell them for 2,500 gold each.
  2. Farm Gargoyle Skulls and sell them in town for 35 gold each.
  3. Mule stacks of Honeycombs to post.

How many gifts do I need for Drunkard, Festive and Sweets title tracks?

I figured this out, and was totally wrong when I finally got to the end. You will get Drunkard first, then Party Points and pull your eyes out to get the Sweets title!

What is today’s item?

It is on the cover of the Wiki, but you can also see what’s coming up on the daily item schedule.

Where is Nicholas in Pre-Searing?

He’s west of Ranik, if you keep turning right until you end up crossing the stream. On the other side of the stream is an area of some rocks and trees that you have to wiggle your way through. Once through there, you’ll find Nick’s beautiful grotto. Hi Yakkington!

Nicholas in Pre-Searing Ascalon