Hello again, residents of Pre-Searing Ascalon!

I’ve actually been around my door quite a lot over the past few weeks, but have not spent the time to update my blog. Tsk tsk on me.

Good news:

I have finished Legendary Defender of Ascalon on each of my three main characters and I’m helping my son finish his (around 4,000 to go).

Bad news:

I discovered that I have needed a LOT more gifts than I had originally calculated! Right now, I think I’ve opened about 3000+ so far. I have the Alcohol title completed, but still a couple of thousand away on the party points and around four thousand for the sweets!

And the in between:

So, as a result, I am going heavily after Party Points and Jars of Honey! I’m looking at:

180 Party Points for one Black Dye
90 Jars of Honey for one Black Dye
300g per Gift of the Huntsman
30 Gifts for one Black Dye

I set up a new computer at my desk, so I can be available as much as possible during the day. I still have to go out from time to time for meetings, though.. 😉