The Black FAQ


The Black Lion Trading Company offers the astute market player a great opportunity to build their Guild Wars 2 wealth without the need to leave the safety of one’s home town!

I am all about the gold, but there are enough people playing that I am happy to share my trips and techniques to help you achieve your own wealth in the game.

Gems-To-Gold Exchange Rates

After the initial market collapse, we have seen ongoing inflation with bouts of hyperinflation at the launch of new events. If you aren’t in the market, buy gems with your long term gold assets.

Know Your Margin

There is 5% fee JUST TO LIST your item.
If you sell it, you pay ~10% MORE, on top of that.

Take Advantage of Market Buys & Sells

Since a majority of players will simply buy or sell at the currently listed rate, front running the lowest offer is an easy way to get the best price. Be wary, though, that you’re not the only one who knows this. If you place an order for a stack of items, chances are, someone will jump the queue in front of you within seconds of executing your trade. This leaves a bubble in the “pipe,” and you may just get hung out to dry. This is worst if you are selling, since you already paid for the listing. Use 40-50 unit buys and sells to pop in and out of a highly liquid market.

more to come…