As you have read in my previous posts, and likely elsewhere, the taxation of sales is a sensitive issue in Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet’s pound of flesh, as the argument goes, makes it difficult for anyone to make a profit of their own on transactions… and a tax just for listing an item makes it difficult to negotiate your asking price with a potential customer.

I asked John Smith if he had thought about black markets evolving in the community, and what ArenaNet’s stance on this is.

His reply stated that, yes, he had indeed considered this – and that there was no official policy in place to punish anyone who managed to develop such a market. He does, however, believe that it would have a minimal impact on the Black Lion and be difficult to find value in it.

I have already spent many hours mulling this over, and have an idea (in my head) of how to make a successful Black Market, based upon the same trust which I gained in the Guild Wars 1 world.

There are two key obstacles for me, right now. The first is finding time to implement, and the second is finding a way to advertise it! I could just put my items up on a web page, for now, but I want to show current BLTC prices on the listing pages, so buyers will know what the benefits of purchasing through my market over the BLTC will be.

If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears!

Now, you can contact me directly in-game using my toon names: Allisa Wonderland and Malice Wonderland