A few days back, a veteran Guild Wars player, who had left the game for a while, came upon me at my usual spot. We chatted and he told me about the birthday presents he had in his account.

I shared a story about how another player had been showing off their Everlasting Gwen, and he just gave me a sixth birthday gift, FOR FREE.

He asked me what it was. I was going to just hold onto it, but since he was expecting me to open it.. I did.

What did I find?

One of the rarest new items in the game.. an Everlasting Destroyer Tonic!

The giver probably smacked himself a little bit, but he was happy for me, and asked me who else in pre-searing deserved gifts. I passed him along to a couple of my respected colleagues, who were also suitably happy to receive them.

Here are three of the four states of the Destroyer:

Everlasting Destroyer Tonic - Spider

Everlasting Destroyer Tonic - Ugly

Everlasting Destroyer Tonic - Standing