The Dragon Festival is upon us! I spent the first day getting tokens together, to get masks for each of my accounts. Last festival, there was a battle over buying them, with prices going way above their value. This year, it has been only a a few other mainstream traders and I who took it upon ourselves to vacuum up these drops from Pre-Searing Ascalon.

On Saturday night, something came along that I did not expect: An Everlasting Slightly Mad King Tonic! What’s special about the Mad King? He’s a Green (unique) 6th Year Birthday Present tonic and one of the rarest modern items in the game. It seems like everyone has a Kuunavang, but I know of only one other of this fiesty little pumpkin head. If you want him and your black dye cup runneth over, get in touch!

Today is the big day, and most of you will probably be in Shing Jea City. For those of you who are still in the Pre-Searing, I am looking for non-typical items. Here’s what I’m after:

Victory Tokens 10g
Birthday Cupcakes 150g
Lunar Tokens 10g
Candy Apples 100g
Candy Corn 75g
Pumpkin Pie 75g
Frosty Tonics 50g
Golden Eggs 75g
Snowman Summoners 25g
Trick or Treat Bags 100g
Four Leaf Clovers 75g

Anything else? Stop by and show me.

Oh, and here’s that Mad King, rocking the Pre-Searing:

Happy Dragon Festival!