I’m still alive, though Guild Wars 2 has most definitely swallowed up the majority of my gaming time.

There are still problems. The trading system is not working, and scamming was bad enough with the mail system that Anet has disabled it as well. I will admit that I am pulling out my hair, waiting for the fix, but the game is so overwhelmingly beautiful that I am happy to go out and get some digital fresh air. Adventuring, what a novel concept!

As I mentioned previously, since trading isn’t as possible in the same way as Guild Wars 1, I am, in addition to discussing the economics on here, going to make an attempt at building a strong guild out of The Hot Republic!

To start, I am putting together a more robust ranking system than the standard one. The two that you will likely encounter most are Citizen and Loyal Subject. New guild members are assigned as Citizen.

Loyal Subjects have only one additional capability – to invite new guild members.

So, if we have talked in Guild Wars 1, you should be a Loyal Subject. If you aren’t, mail me and I will upgrade you.

This is simply so some random person who comes in doesn’t invite a bunch of trolls like Jake and Marc.

The Hot Republic’s Goal now is to create ourselves a Grand Army for WvW domination.

I bless you all!