Guild Wars 2 Trade Moderation


To commence a moderated trade:

1. both sides email Allisa Wonderland with the trade details
2. When each receives a confirmation response, send goods to Allisa Wonderland
3. Accept receipt of goods within 15 minutes.

First time trading? Please read this!

Trading via in-game mail leaves you open to being robbed. Unless the person on the other end of the deal is your close friend, you are putting your money on the line, every time you press send.

The Solution?

In Guild Wars, we became familiar with the term “Trade Moderator.” A respected member of the community accepts both items in escrow, and then forwards them to the receiving parties. This happens after the Trade Moderator has both items and is able to ensure the deal is correct without either side getting fleeced.

Of course, the important part is to have a trusted member to act as the Trade Moderator.

Wonderland Trade Moderation

Yes, that’s it! I am offering my service as a Trade Moderator for exchanges in Guild Wars 2.

I will accept, currently, only gold for item exchanges via in-game messaging.

As with the previous game, to stay within the terms of service set out by ArenaNet, my only exchanges will be in game for in game items via the in game messaging system.

Why Trust Wonderland?

I have three years experience in the Guild Wars community of Pre-Searing Ascalon, as a trader and helper for new players upon their first entry to Tyria. I have references from the original game, which I will direct you to as possible (easier if you have a GW1 account!). I will link up my references pages.

I also want to keep track of known message trade scammers, to help traders build a trusted network.

Guild Wars references

There Must Be Some Catch!

The reason that we even bother to trade via mail is because of the horrific ~15% tax that the Black Lion Trading Company charges!

Since we do not offer advertising services or a public trading exchange, Wonderland Trade Moderation is able to offer you this quality service for a mere 5% of the sale price. That’s a 10% savings over using the BLTC!

The catch is a simple one:

We do not deal in trades under 1 gold in value.


Allisa Wonderland

Here are some of my Guild Wars references.