Good morning everyone!

If you chat with me, you know I have a bee in my bonnet over ArenaNET’s lack of maintenance of our home. Sure, I understand that a lot of resources are needed to make Guild Wars 2 launch, but you are missing one thing:

From my vantage point, I see many new players to Guild Wars, every day! These are people who are following the buzz of Guild Wars 2 and want to get into the action now.

So, these people come in and see things like the broken whisper system the other weekend, and the huge amount of garbage flowing through the local chat. How likely would you be to invest in a game when you saw how badly the makers treat their existing software?

If I was new, I may just keep looking.

Remember, ArenaNET, you still have a revenue stream coming in from this game, and will some simple steps, could continue to reap massive income from it while still promoting Guild Wars 2!


So, to show my love for the community I call my home, I am organizing a big party in Pre-Searing Ascalon for the day before the Head Start launch of the new game!

On August 24th, come one, come all to “Twas the Night Before Guild Wars 2!”

Pre Searing Archer will be running games like Simon Says, Catch Me and Pre-Searing Trivia.

I will be displaying as many of the Minis and Tonics, so you can some screenshots for your final album.

If you want to get in on organizing, please chat me up in Pre-Searing Ascalon or send me a message through my contact page (remember, it doesn’t ask for your email address!)

Starting time will be posted when we have a schedule together, but you can bet it will go on until midnight GMT-7, which I expect will be the Head Star launch time. Anyone on ArenaNET following still and not upset with me for the top part, please feel free to chime in.

If you folks DO want to throw in some time, gifts or city decorations, it will be massively appreciated by all of us.