Hi! I have been trading like crazy over the past few days, even with minimal postings to the party search page.

During this time, I noticed a comparatively large number of toons “confiding” with me that they had an account scammed, bought gold with real cash, etc. Then, there are those who poke at me for “tips on how to make gold quickly.” As a result, I feel the need to remind everyone:

1. I do not support buying gold! Anyone who follows my blog knows how furious the “gems for gold” scandal makes me, in Guild Wars 2.

2. I am not going to reveal some secret behind the scenes store where I sell real gold. SEE #1.

3. Cheating is taking away from the experience of the game. If you suck, then you suck. Pretending that you don’t suck means you suck even more! PRACTICE is the only way to save you from the damnation of eternal suckage.

So, my dearest friends, colleagues and acquaintances: Please share dirty secrets with me. Please don’t beg me for freebies and how to shortcut your way to a fortune. I started out the zero gold pieces, just like everyone else, and I’ve worked my pretty pink butt off build a solid and reputable store in Pre-Searing Ascalon.

If you want tips, look at my FAQ page!

Ah, yes.. and I finally bought a Zenmai tonic for myself. She’s an amusing dancer… 😀